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Mara shows you that while there are no shortcuts to becoming a great yoga teacher, there are many ways to scale the mountain. A detailed road map written by a gifted teacher, this book is a must-read for anyone who’s finally ready to let loose their inner yoga teacher — without shelling out big bucks on formal teacher training.

– Aimee E.

Teaching is a gift, that when molded, nurtured, guided will touch more lives than I ever will as a Multiple Sclerosis Certified Clinical Specialist PA. Mara through her years as an owner of Inspire has brought together more students of yoga than she will ever realize and has that gift. So much of what I have learned from Mara is shared with my patients daily, from breath work, to “Eastern calisthenics” or yoga stretches. Her philosophy of “Becoming a Great Yoga teacher without spending a Dime” reminds me of the greats such as Jois, Iyengar, Yogananda, they had nothing, not even a rupee when they studied. It was their commitment to their teacher, mentor, guide that developed their spiritual wealth and skills as a teacher. Essentially you don’t need “rupees” you need commitment, mentorship, fellowship, and most of all experience. This book is simple, direct, and highlights the important aspects of yoga that every yoga teacher must realize before standing in front of a group of students. If you’re thinking of teaching, I highly recommend this read. It’s quick, easy, and to the point. FIVE STARS!

– Amy D.

  • How to Be A Great Yoga Teacher Without Spending a Dime on Teacher Training
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